What do I do?

Well. I said that I would love to get back into blogging about World of Warcraft. This is true, I just don’t know what I want to do with the blog to make it interesting. I need something more interesting then “Hi everyone, blah blah blah this is what I did today”. I’m sure that […]

Coming back to World of Warcraft

Hello everyone, I have been busy with school for the past two years or so. I know I haven’t been able to write anything. I have been able to log onto World of Warcraft some days for a little bit and for that, I have quite a bit of updates for my hunter. I will […]

Quick Update

Well right now I just want to tell everyone that the reason I have not been active for quite awhile is becuase right now I have quite a lot of work. If you ever have a question you can send one to me via the “About Me” page or email me: mbthoms@outlook.com