Update on Hunter (Level 50-58)

WoWScrnShot_082613_105130Right now I’m going into The Outlands. I don’t really like leveling there but it means that I’m not that far from my favorite area. Mount Hyjal. I level in that area until I finish all the quests.

When I’m in The Outlands I level faster then any other place. Why? Well Its because I hate the place and I would rather level and enjoy Northrend then The Outlands. Some people love the area and there are others like me and can’t stand being in The Oulands.

Well I’m happy that I’m in The Outlands. I just wanted to keep you guys/gals updated on how my hunter is and what level he is. Thanks for dropping by. I hope you have a great time on the blog.



My Thoughts on Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar

First I would like to get you to watch the Trailer if you have not already. My thoughts will make more sense if you watch the video below.


The feeling I had for this was that I didn’t respect the Horde much anymore. I quickly went to the Alliance and because of that I have never been happier. Before you start thinking that Horde is the best and if you are Alliance then "You Suck". I started with the Alliance and I don’t think I can ever be happy on the Horde. That’s just me.

Well what I have to say is that I wonder what the King of SW is going to say about what Hellscream has been doing, better yet I wonder what Thrall has to say about this.

The best part that I have found is going to be the raid but I don’t really raid that much. So the big change that I been looking at is the "The Timeless Isle", I have been waiting for something like this. I love questing and this will make me want to play my paladin again. What are you looking forward in the up coming patch?


What is happening to the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game?

Games come and go. I liked the TCG but I never knew anyone who played the World of Warcraft TCG and for that I never got into it. Hearthstone is something that I can get into because I can just sit down and play a match with someone.

I think that Hearthstone is a great game just to play when you get board of World of Warcraft or other Blizzard game or even a game that is not made by Blizzard so you can play something different for a bit.

The way the Blizzard is advertising this is that anyone can pick up a deck and play. As I played though the introduction to the game in the Closed beta I can tell that anyone can pick up this game and play like they have been playing blizzard games for years.

I love the Warcraft series and I will continue to support it. I think that when they were thinking about the TCG. They were thinking about all the fun that many people were not having because it is hard to find people to play the TCG with and they wanted to get more people into the game.

Some of the comments on the post what Blizzard made were pretty bad in my opinion, a lot of people hated the idea that Blizzard is no longer making TCG card packs and they are blaming Hearthstone for this. What do you think?

If you want more Information from my sources you can click here. (Link is to the official World of Warcraft site).


Update on Hunter (29-50)

This is another update on my hunter, just to keep you updated on how he’s doing. right now he’s traveling the lands of The Eastern Kingdoms, helping everyone he can. My hunter is currently level 50 he’s been leveling fast, by just questing.

That’s why I have not been posting, I have been dealing with getting ready to go back to school on Tuesday. I go back early, I don’t know why but I do. Anyways, I will be blogging at school well when I have some time everyday I will try and write something.

These past few days have been quite busy for me with school and all that. But you don’t want to hear about that. I guess I can get back to the post topic.

My hunter has been doing well he has been leveling fast as I said before and I like the hunter class a lot. I get some hate in the game because I’m a hunter but I don’t care what they think. I’m still leveling my hunter fast as ever now and I hope to get to 90 soon. I will keep you updated on what is going on with my hunter and I hope you have a great time on the blog. Thanks and enjoy.


Xbox One Kinect going Kinect-less?

Today’s topic is about the Xbox One. I found this on one of the blogs I read.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that the Kinect is no longer required at all, and that you can dis-kinect it (hehe…), put it aside, and not worry about using it.

via Xbox One becomes Kinect-less | A Link to the Blog.

This topic is one that is long over due. as some of you guys/gals know, the Xbox One has become Kinect-less. Some people have been waiting for this to happen but I find that, if it comes with the system then it would be like the Wii and you will connect the Kinect to the system when you set it up and you will leave it.

Why are people want to not have Kinect? How many times do you move your Xbox to worry about bring along your Kinect. You can shut off the Kinect but why would you want the Kinect not to be on your system. If I was getting the Xbox One I would want the Kinect to be on all the time. how many times can I say Kinect?

Well the Xbox One is a system for the future and that can only work if you use the Kinect. Well that’s what I think. what do you think about the Xbox Kinect? Comment below.


TCC Daily: Daily Prompt: Origin Story


Today’s topic is called Daily Prompt: Origin Story. via The Daily Post. The question is:

Why did you start your blog? Is that still why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?

This blog was only supposed to be about World of Warcraft, as you can tell this as changed. I wanted to make a few blogs from WordPress but I realized that I can only handle one blog. What is the point of making 3-4 blogs just to post one post once in awhile.

So when I decided to just stick with this blog I wanted to blog about pretty much everything. But mostly Tech and World of Warcraft. Some could say that they are two different topics and they shouldn’t really be together but I find that i can write about them and connect them.

Well this is my blog and its here to stay. I love making this content for you guys/gals and I hope you enjoy the stay here at “The Creative Craft”.

Hearthstone: Closed Beta Invites

Hello, This is history in the making for me personally. I have never been invited to a closed beta in any game before. So today I would like say that I really appreciate it Blizzard for sending a Beta Key this way. One of the ideas that I was thinking of was to play the game and then make some blog posts about my experience within the game.

I have been waiting for this game to come out into beta for quite some time. Well since they released that they were making the game. Right now I have downloaded the game and played through the tutorial. I find the game really fun to play not just as a casual game but you can play this, I guess you can say hardcore? As some people would say.

As for me I will be playing this game a lot for me to understand most of the cards in the game. What I like about the game is the it is different for any other blizzard game on the market today. Some of the features are still being worked on. As you would expect for being in beta.

As for the game going live for PC and Mac. They are still sending beta keys out. If you didn’t already know. Blizzard sends beta keys out in waves, this is to make sure their servers are not overloaded at one time. Even though people have to wait, this is nice once you get on the servers. You wouldn’t want to get a beta key and then have to wait to get on the servers because there are way to many people on that the servers can’t handle the load.

Well I have rambled enough for this post. I will be posting more this weekend. I hope everyone is enjoying the beta launch and best of luck for those who are still waiting.

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