What is happening to the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game?

Games come and go. I liked the TCG but I never knew anyone who played the World of Warcraft TCG and for that I never got into it. Hearthstone is something that I can get into because I can just sit down and play a match with someone.

I think that Hearthstone is a great game just to play when you get board of World of Warcraft or other Blizzard game or even a game that is not made by Blizzard so you can play something different for a bit.

The way the Blizzard is advertising this is that anyone can pick up a deck and play. As I played though the introduction to the game in the Closed beta I can tell that anyone can pick up this game and play like they have been playing blizzard games for years.

I love the Warcraft series and I will continue to support it. I think that when they were thinking about the TCG. They were thinking about all the fun that many people were not having because it is hard to find people to play the TCG with and they wanted to get more people into the game.

Some of the comments on the post what Blizzard made were pretty bad in my opinion, a lot of people hated the idea that Blizzard is no longer making TCG card packs and they are blaming Hearthstone for this. What do you think?

If you want more Information from my sources you can click here. (Link is to the official World of Warcraft site).



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