TCC Daily: Daily Prompt: Smell You Later


Today’s Topic is from the Daily Prompt: Smell You Later. via The Daily Post.

Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you.

When I read this it quickly reminded me a scent that I wanted to share with the web. The cold morning smell reminds me of walking to school on the first day of school. one of the memories that are not fun but I like the smell. I remember the first day of high school. You know the rumors that all the grade 12’s will beat you up. Well this never happened. A lot of people say that to just make you afraid of going to high school. Well don’ believe it. High school is probably the best. So that is what smell transports me.

What Transports you?


TCC Daily: Introduction


Well This is the first ever TCC Daily. I love having new content on my favorite websites daily so I decided that I could do a Daily topic that can be about, well pretty much anything. What I mean by that is, There are a number of topics that are at The Daily Post. I wish to use the topics that they have, well not all of them. The TCC Daily is not about World of Warcraft, this is going to be in it’s own category. I will be doing my regular posting but this is something that I find it fun to do a daily post. I will start with today’s post last on today. But it will be today.

I find something interesting on the internet when surfing and then I make it into a topic for you to read. If you have anything that I could make into a daily topic then you can write a comment or email me using the contact forum on the “About” page.

Update on Hunter (Level 19-29)

Well today I was leveling my hunter I just wanted to keep you guys/gals updated on what level he is and what I have been doing on this character.I have been leveling in the Wetlands. I’m going to go into the next area the next time I play and that is Arathi Highlands.

I will be heading back to school soon so I have been trying to level as far as I can. So when I come home I can enjoy my gaming experience without having to farm dungeons for experience points. That said I will be still blog as much as I can because I know quite a few of you love my blogging. I’m happy that a lot of people like this. I love making content for people to enjoy.

My Hunter is currently at level 29. I have leveled 10 levels today. Well I guess 9 because I got one yesterday. But still that is quite a bit of levels for one day. For me anyways, I know only people can level 1-90 in like 24-26 hours. For me, I couldn’t play the game for that long on one sitting.

I take quite a bit of break now and I surf the net for content I can cover on my blog. Also I look at things that interest me. If you want to read a bit about me, you can visit my Personal Site for just that.

Well As always I leave you with a photo of what I’m taking about. So here it is. Thanks and enjoy.


HearthStone @ The Inn

Well if you have not heard the soundtrack that Blizzard has put on their website, I would go right now and click on the link and listen to it as you read the rest of these blog posts. I listen to it when I write the blog posts. It’s like you are sitting in the Lion’s Pride Inn that is located in Goldshire, sitting with a nice hot drink or beer if you’re a "Bronze Beard" and a computer. I love the music of the Goldshire Inn. If you don’t know what the Lion’s Pride Inn is for some reason I will post the photo of the place below.

Anyways you can listen to the soundtrack Here at the Hearthstone Website. If you like Warcraft music then you will love this soundtrack.

Goldshire Collage

Hearthstone- Heroes of Warcraft Releasing soon?


I was visiting the Hearthstone webpage for some updated information on the games release, this is what I found. The link can be found Here. Well I would like to talk about it. The one thing that stood out from the whole post was:

Boxes of donuts eaten: 2

I would have guessed that they have eaten more. Only because all the night they spent sitting in front of the computer coding and designing the game it seemed as if they spent the last month only inartwork7-full the blizzard offices. Well not really but I was thinking about that.To get back on track, I would like to talk about what they said in the post. What they said was:

we’re not days away from launching the beta, but we’re not months away either.

Blizzard has been working on the game for months and that is great but they have been working extra to bring the beta out before the summer ends. To me that is awesome because I would love to take a look at the game as soon as I can.

I really hope to get into this game because I never really got into card games but this looks really fun to play. I have seem people play Magic: The gathering and that look fun as hell. I would love to get into that game but sadly I don’t know anyone around me that plays the game. Well anyways I will keep you guys updated on more Of the Hearthstone Information when Blizzard releases it.

Update on Hunter (Level 10-19)

Well I have been leveling my hunter quite a bit last night and because of that I have made it to 19 but I’m almost 20. Most likely by the time you read this he will be 20-21 but I just wanted to keep you guys updated on my hunters progress, also document it all. The last time I level a hunter is when I started the game. I want to see the changes.

I’m still wearing my experience boosting gear. I didn’t list the Items last post. I will do that for you now.

It’s quite a long list for gear. I have worked hard to get all of these. Some took a week to get. Because some cost me about 1500g. But I love leveling with all of them. I also get a new pet. I have not named him yet. But I think he’s going to be with me for most of my leveling. If you have a good name that you think I could use for my pet. The photo of my pet is in the image below.

I also have been thinking of making a little blog videos of my hunter. Nothing big, just something to enjoy when you read. If you like the idea comment below with your opinions.Thanks and enjoy.WoWScrnShot_081413_060046

Oh, a Hunter’s Life for me.

I have decided to start a new hunter because I’m going back to the Alliance side. The reason for this is:

  • I went to a new realm a few weeks ago.
  • Some of my friends are not playing anymore, that used to play on horde.
  • I have always missed the Alliance when I play horde.
  • There are more nice and friendly people on the Alliance.
  • I love the Hunter class.
  • My first character was a Night Elf Hunter.
  • My first max level character was a dwarf Hunter.

So I have decided to go back to the start and play the game like I never when to the other side. Some of the things I miss about being Alliance was being a short Gnome, I love that race. So now I’m going to be on the Alliance side of the realm Hyjal (US) leveling my Dwarf Hunter.